Hello, my name is Alex, welcome to my blog. I decided to start a blog when suddenly I just had a burning desire to rant about little stupid things that people/corporate businesses tend to do to us all that wind us up from the moment we wake up. I have noticed countless occasions where I have ended up in a situation and thought, “what the hell is this all about” or “why the hell is this happening” with people just standing around, taking it.

Later on, I decided I wanted to help people as well, due to the fact ranting can be biased at times and many people probably don’t want to hear it. Generally I am polite and helpful in everyday life and I would like to offer advice and tips on random topics. I am a big fanatic of sites like LifeHack and so I aim to deliver tips in a similar fashion to them.

I will come back and edit this about page at a later date when I get a bit more time as I am new to WordPress.


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